Jun 7, 2023

The Purpose Connection

The Purpose Connection
Shivana Khoza
The Purpose Connection

What we do with our time in life matters. And as we move through our days, the fulfillment we derive from the things we do can change. Often times, we get to a point when we start to question the significance of what we are doing… At this stage, we can find that a lot of what consumes our time is of no real worth. When this happens, we can feel void of purpose, and somewhat lost, adrift in life…

Without a sense of purpose, we feel unfulfilled and empty. But when we can connect what we are doing to something we deem purposeful, our lives feel more enriched.

The topic of discovering our purpose has been explored by many, many others. And purpose is certainly something that connects with our spiritual beliefs as well. As a person who believes in Jesus, when I read the Bible, I am often searching for meaning and purpose in the stories. The story of Esther is a beautiful one and in chapter 4:14, we see a bold declaration of purpose,

“Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

From that point, we see that Esther moves into courageous action, willing to risk her life for this purpose that she was created for.

Many of us may not have to risk our lives for our purpose. But living in our purpose, fully and boldly, will always require some sort of sacrifice. And of course, it also requires that we know what that purpose is.

I believe that we all have an underlying and common purpose, and we also each have a unique, or individual, purpose. The underlying purpose is unchanging and timeless. Our unique purpose can evolve over time. Staying connected to our underlying purpose helps us to navigate the evolution of our unique purpose.

Many times, our confusion about our unique purpose can cause chaos and inner turmoil, and this is what can leave us feeling so unfulfilled in life. When I am working with clients in my coaching program, the first module includes exploring these beliefs and connecting to their purpose. This is foundational to guiding what they do next to realize the transformation and success they desire.

One of the things that has been very helpful for me in grounding myself with a sense of purpose is getting clarity around my values and my strengths. Understanding my areas of natural giftedness gave me great insight into why I feel so energized, content and fulfilled when I was doing certain kinds of work… and why I can be adrift and drained of joy when my time is consumed with other types of activities.

I am thankful for all the resources available for us to tap into our purpose. They have helped me, and I am confident you too can benefit from them. But I also want to share that purpose is an intrinsic connection that you must choose to explore. Even if others can help you uncover your purpose, you are the only one who can actually fulfill it. It is a personal choice.

If you are in a place of trying to uncover your individual purpose, I want to encourage you to begin by exploring what your strengths are. This is a great starting point and the insight you gain will guide you to how you can use your unique gifts. Reach out if you need guidance through this next step.

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