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About Shivana

Are you tired of leading a team with tension day after day?
Do you dread logging online or heading into the office, even though that’s where you spend most of your time? Does your team feel disjointed,
with everyone pursuing their own goals and objectives?

It's Time to Become the Leader Your Team Wants
to Follow

Imagine creating an uplifting, empowering environment each day, where your team creates their best results.
Imagine a workday where everyone uses the same collaborative vocabulary to accomplish tasks and overall goals.
Imagine transforming not just their workplace, but their home lives, as each team member learns leadership principles.

"A successful person finds the right place for himself. But a successful leader finds the right place for others."

- John C. Maxwell

Everyone deserves to be led well, and you can’t learn how to lead alone. When your team develops their leadership together, they’ll transform the culture authentically and reach new performance levels at the same time.

Values-Based Leadership Principles

People of value, value others and add value to others: as you invest in leadership training, you’ll begin to value your own capabilities on the team. When you see the value in yourself, you’ll begin to recognize the value in those around you.

With Shivana as your Maxwell Leadership Certified Trainer, your entire team will learn their own value so they can bring that value to the team and organization.

Powerful, Positive Change

Through team trainings, leadership games, or virtual presentations, Shivana will help your team lead beyond their organization.

These principles of leadership transcend the workplace, giving team members the skills needed to bring positive change in their homes and communities, as well.

Play to Lead

When individuals feel that they need to win, even at the expense of the team, then the team actually works against each other. With the Maxwell Leadership Game, your team will work together for the win: instead of seeing each other as competitors, they’ll move the team forward towards the goal.

Reach Your Team’s Full Potential

When each employee feels valued and understands their individual leadership capabilities, you will not only meet your performance goals, but also enjoy the time spent with your team.

Learn to lead from within your team, develop a culture of leadership and teamwork at every level, and more with a Maxwell Leadership Certified Trainer.

Choose a Program

Programs for Transformation

Leadership & TEAM Development
Learning as a team gives everyone the same vocabulary as they work towards the same goal. Whether your team needs a team retreat, leadership games, workshops, or something else, find out which Leadership Development Program is the best fit for your needs with a free consultation. Leverage tools from the Everything DiSC® applications and models such as The Five Behaviors®, The Working Genius, for your personal growth or to build a highly effective team.
DISC Training & Consulting
Through DISC assessments and training, your team will understand each other better and resolve conflicts faster. You’ll also enhance the recruitment process with customized interview questions to identify great candidates. The benefits also extend beyond the workplace, creating self-awareness in each participant’s daily life.
Shivana empowers new leaders to develop authentic connections with their teams, leaving the audience inspired and energized to embrace their value, transform their workplace and achieve their goals. Schedule a consultation to find out if she would be the right fit for your next event.

Hi, I'm Shivana

As a high performer, I became a team leader at a very young age—and I wasn’t ready for it. I constantly pushed for high quality work, but the team relationship was strained and uncomfortable.

Eventually, I learned to value my team and connected with them in a genuine way that honored and elevated each person.

I understand the struggles leaders face, and I can show you how to overcome those challenges. I am passionate about growth and driven to help others develop their potential through team development and leadership coaching.

In addition to my 26+ years of experience, I am a Certified Associate with Take Flight Learning, a Wiley Authorized Partner and a Certified Working Genius Facilitator through The Table Group. Through my affiliations with some of the best leadership experts, I bring a wealth of material that add value to my clients' organizations through customized programs with solutions that are practical to implement and that meet the unique needs of professional individuals and teams.  

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Trainer, I help leaders avoid my mistakes, empowering them to lead powerful, positive change in themselves, their teams, and others around them.


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